Certificate in Nail Art


Elevate your career with The Blush International Salon and Institute of Beauty and Wellness’s Certification in Nail Art. Delve into comprehensive training in contemporary nail arts and global beauty standards. Improve skills and express creativity in nail artistry.

From mastering different nail techniques to understanding nail health and safety, you’ll get practical experience and important knowledge. Whether you love nail art or want to work in a salon, this course prepares you for a successful career as a skilled nail technician. You’ll also receive a certificate in basic to advanced nail art tools usage, nail analysis, nail shapes and lengths, character art, brush work, and various types of glitter work.

Course Content

  • Basics of cosmetology
  • Body Language
  • Hygiene Maintainence
  • Salon Management and Professionalism
  • Hands-on Practical Training
  • Safety Protocols
  • Nail Analysis
  • Nail care
  • Nail Shapes & Length
  • Dry Manicure & Pedicure
  • 30+ Nail arts with Power Polish
  • Tools Usage
  • Basic to Advance Techniques
  • Final Assessment and Certification

Mastering the art of nail design involves understanding the intricacies of various tools, analyzing nails to create personalized looks, and skillfully applying techniques like brush work and glitter effects. Here are some pro tips to excel in each aspect of the Certificate in Nail Art:

  1. Basic to Advanced Nail Art Tools Usage: Familiarize yourself with different tools such as nail brushes, dotting tools, and stamping kits. Experiment with each tool to understand its purpose and how to manipulate it for various designs. Practice precision and control to create intricate patterns and details.
  2. Nail Analysis: Develop an eye for assessing nail health, shape, and condition. Consider factors like nail bed length, shape preferences, and any specific concerns or conditions. Customize nail designs based on individual preferences and nail characteristics for personalized and flattering looks.
  3. Nail Shapes and Lengths: Understand the characteristics of different nail shapes, such as oval, square, almond, or stiletto. Tailor nail shapes to complement the client’s hand shape and preferences. Experiment with lengths to create balance and harmony in overall nail aesthetics.
  4. Brush Work: Practice various brush techniques, including strokes for creating lines, curves, and intricate details. Mastering brush control is essential for executing precise and flawless designs. Experiment with different brush sizes and bristle types to achieve different effects and textures.
  5. Various Types of Glitter Work: Explore different types of glitter, including loose glitter, glitter dust, and glitter polish. Experiment with layering techniques, gradient effects, and placement to create dazzling and dimensional designs. Consider incorporating glitter strategically to enhance nail art and add sparkle and glamour.

By honing your skills in tool usage, nail analysis, nail shapes, brush work, and glitter application, you’ll elevate your nail artistry to new heights and delight clients with stunning and personalized nail designs.

Course Duration

1 Months | 110 Hrs

Qualification (Min)

Class 8th passed

Level Type

TBCNA23 – Level 2


The examination process for the Certificate in Nail Art course is designed to assess students’ proficiency in various aspects of nail artistry. Students undergo both practical and theoretical evaluations to demonstrate their skills and understanding. Practical assessments involve executing nail designs using different techniques, tools, and materials. Students must showcase their proficiency in nail analysis, shapes, lengths, brushwork, and glitter application. Theoretical exams test students’ knowledge of nail anatomy, health and safety protocols, and industry trends. Through rigorous examination, students are evaluated comprehensively, ensuring they are well-prepared and equipped to embark on successful careers in nail artistry.

Career Opportunities:

After completing the Certificate in Nail Art, graduates can pursue exciting career opportunities as professional nail artists in salons, spas, or nail bars. They can also explore freelance opportunities, start their own nail business, or work in the fashion and entertainment industries, showcasing their creative talents.

Best Suited For:

Ideal for those passionate about nail artistry, this course opens doors to various career opportunities. Graduates can work as professional nail technicians in salons, spas, or start their own nail business. They can also pursue roles in beauty industry sales, education, or become freelance nail artists.

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